Sustainability; Simplified

7 Ways to Start a More Sustainable New Year

New Year Resolutions?
Let's talk about resolving what really matters. 
We have a global epidemic served on our single use plastic plates. 
We depend on plastic. Now were drowning in it. 
Here are 7 s i m p l e ways to start the new year off more sustainable: 


1) Bring your own bag - 

Keep a few reuseable bags in your trunk or by your front door so you never have to use single use plastic bags for grocery or market visits. 

2) Dine in - 

Dining in eliminates single use plastic and styrofoam take away containers. 

3) Bike instead of drive - 

Taking the bike to local shops and errands will reduce your carbon footprint, and give your body a little healthy endorphin action too! 

4) Shop local - 

Which means also buying seasonal. Things that aren't local mean they had to have been brought to you. Think of all the fossil fuels involved in this process. Buying local supports your community and helps you live a more sustainable life. 

5) Skip the straw -

Unless you've got a sustainable straw with you! Otherwise they are unnecessary. Remember to always ask no straw when ordering all your drinks or asking for water. 

6) Commit to buying coffee only if your reuseable cup is handy -

Think of all the waste a daily to go coffee creates! That paper cup might seem harmless with a hot to go coffee, but not only is it accompanied by a thick plastic lid, it's also lined with a thin plastic sheet that has no hope of being recycled. 

7) Eat less meat -

Start with Meatless Mondays if you must, or take a 30 day vegan challenge and fully commit to it! You'll feel great mentally and physically.