Sustainability; Simplified

What to do With Plastic Once You’ve Started Zero Waste

So you've made the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle. We're stoked for you!

You've ditched the single use straw, you bring a reusable cup for the morning coffee, and you are prepared for the lunch break with bamboo utensils.

But what about ALL the plastic that's found in your home still? You might assume that once you commit to going zero waste it's necessary to purge all plastic items from your house and immediately purchase the sustainable versions. Well, we're here to say that's not really true. The matter of the fact is most of this plastic is perfectly useful still - because yep, plastic lasts nearly FOREVER. Living a sustainable lifestyle is being able to add value back into the items we already have rather than dispose of items to replace them with trendier ones. 

Of course we want to see everyone getting a Bumi Box delivered to their doorstep - But, we'll be the first to remind you,


Wouldn’t it be just as wasteful to throw out perfectly good items and purchase new things only because it was plastic?

So, what do you do with your plastic stash?

Use it!

Those containers, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, razors, bottles, etc. can all be put to good use. Once they are worn out, and have served their purpose, then replace them with the more eco-friendly options! 

Living “zero waste” doesn’t mean throw-all-plastic-away immediately. It means making better, more sustainable choices going forward and utilizing what we already have. It’s not about buying more – but buying less. Buying non-plastic items once the plastic ones wear out will result in longer product lives and ensure that they can be sustainably recycled/composted once it’s no longer usable. If you still feel that a few of your plastic items need to leave your life, then we highly suggest you donate it or recycle it if you can.

Waste is a product of serious over-consumption, so it’s important we refuse what we don’t need and put that plastic stash to good use.

What plastic items are you still using?