Bumi is the Indonesian word for 'Earth'. Inspired by her travel throughout Bali and South East Asia, Taryn recognized that our planet is facing a serious problem: Single Use Plastic. Beautiful beaches were completely polluted with cups, straws, lids, containers, bottles, and bags- amongst millions of other plastic products. She organized and attended beach clean ups, asked for no straw with her drinks, and traveled with a reuseable water bottle. She was living a sustainable life to the best of her ability, but she felt she could be doing more. She noticed that many people she interacted with on a daily basis didn't realize the long term impact of single use plastic usage, nor were they aware that sustainable alternatives to every single use item exist. 

Upon returning back to her home in California, she designed some recycled business cards to leave around town at local markets, cafes, and bulletin boards to educate people on the damage being done from single use plastic items. From there, the seed was planted, and Bumi Box was born. We're spreading the word, and creating a discussion; Our goal is to simplify sustainability for your everyday life. 

Delivered right to your doorstep, this all in one box includes the essentials for living a more sustainable lifestyle. Earth friendly, stylish, reusable products for the fast paced life. 

You're Busy, we know. We've made saving the planet easy. We'll start you with the basics for big changes. 

With Earth, For Earth.