Get Involved


Simple business cards, with a big message.

This is how Bumi was born.

We started leaving these cards on the table at any restaurant, cafe, or bar that provided a plastic straw with a drink ordered. Just a little thoughtful reminder. 

We now leave these on bulletin boards, at yoga studios, libraries, grocery stores, hair salons, college campuses, our in laws houses, and we especially like to leave a thick stack next to the plastic straws that people grab for their to go drinks. 

Feeling Inspired? We want you to join the movement. These eco friendly business cards printed on recycled paper using sustainable ink are the perfect tool for getting people to think twice about that plastic straw.

Send us an e-mail (here) with your address and a little introduction about yourself including links to your social media accounts. We'll get you set up with our ambassador program, and start you with twenty business cards to hang and leave at locations as you'd like. Document your efforts on social media within the month, and in exchange we'll send you a Bumi Box as a thank you at the end of the month. 

Let's get people to suck a little less, shoud we?

You in, or you in? 



*Terms & Conditions apply. Offer applies to US residents only. Individual pays shipping for Bumi Box.